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. >> and potentially shut down the government. >> the seven weeks to get there. washington love to play this game of setting things that can not beat him. and so saying we're going to try to inspire people and see what comes to it. if republicans went out there and united and say this is a beer that is falling apart, the president has already started delaying part of it. there is a report that came out today, krispy kreme doughnuts, 60% of employees are full-time. 80% of employees have been part- time since january. premiums were going to be $2100 more than expected. we need a timeout from this law. let's go out and fight or that timeout and see where we stand at the end of september. normally when you go into a negotiation you try to preserve option value. you do not take it off the table. incident trying to figure out where we should he, we should fight for something. >> your group recently commissioned a poll regarding who might get blamed in the event that there is a lapse in the appropriations because there is no deal whether it is over obamacare or anything else. i was looking at the questi
i frequently tell my washington colleagues -- everything is bigger in texas but me. if you can't see me, you can at least hear me. i was delighted to accept the invitation to speak before the bipartisan policy center for a couple of reasons. number one is because of the outstanding work you have done in the housing arena and number two, i live about re-miles from here so it took me about seven minutes to get here. as a fairly new chairman of a standing committee of congress, i have a number of speaking invitations that come my way. a lot of press is interested in speaking to me me but i assure you, i don't have to work to remain humble. i accept the number of them and my home, i was working on one of those speeches after dinner and my wife who helps keep me humble, comes into my study and says -- ok, in washington, you made me mr. chairman but in dallas, you are mr. dishwasher and they are not getting any cleaner. i took my wife's subtle hand and dropped the speech and went into the kitchen and began to work on the dishes. a few minutes later, the phone rings and she picked it up and
and what is next for the controversial site in nevada tomorrow morning on c-span's "washington journal." thank you for joining us on this sunday. hope you enjoyed the rest of your weekend. "newsmakers" is next. have a great weekend. ♪ >> today on c-span, the ceo of" with heritage for american action, michael needham. john mccainlls with a nancy pelosi. ourelcome to "newsmakers" guest is michael needham. the ceo of heritage action for america. it was founded three years ago. thanks for being our guest. let me introduce our reporters. bob cusack is the managing editor of the hill. .> let's go right to obama care this is the issue that is facing the gop. why do you think republicans can do this? before republicans have funded obama care. the election did not fix much. --may have the democratic the only have democratic control. >> for the last three or four years republicans were all elected on the promise to get rid of obamacare and have relied on someone else coming in and saving the day. the supreme court will come in and rule it unconstitutional. the american people are going
hope you enjoy the rest of the time in your home district which you prefer to washington but we look forward to having you back there for the important work ahead. thank you. [applause] [captioning performed by national captioning institute] [captions copyright national >> on satellite corp. 2013] the next washington journal, the that end challenges facing the country. we will talk to robert bixby. and as part of our cargo ship from kaiser health news, julie appleby on the administration's to station is to delay limits on out-of-pocket expenses for people buying health insurance. and a ruling on the nuclear .egulatory commission's review in washington correspondent of the las vegas sun. "washington journal," live at 7 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> what is interesting about washington in this age is that once you have that title, even if it is a very short title, even if you have been voted out after one term, you can stay in washington and be a former chief of staff, a former congressman, a former chief of staff to congressman x or y. that is marketable. you are in the club. that is a s
detained. one writer for "the washington post" was told by a police officer that if he saw her again, he would shoot her in the leg. look, at the end of the day, egypt is not a country that is known for being particularly friendly towards the media, especially the western media. >> well, we are so glad that you're safe. stay safe and thank you for joining us. >>> we'd like to turn to rajiv chandrasekaran, senior correspondent and cairo reporter for "the washington post" and in new york, sherif mansour, middle east and north african program coordinator for the committee to protect journalists. rajiv, this is so disturbing, this video. you have been bureau chief for "the washington post," you've covered the iraq war. do you feel that journalists are being specifically targeted now in a way that they were not before? >> well, i think there's a degree of immunity, if you will, that no longer cloaks journalists. some might accuse me of looking at the past with rose-tinted glasses, but a generation or so ago, particularly in the middle east, you would see journalists driving around in cars wit
. >> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest-running television program, this is "meet the press." >>> straight to the breaking news. a heavy security presence in cairo, egypt, this morning as military rulers are trying to strengthen their control over a country descending into chaos. so, how much worse will it get in egypt? hundreds are dead, nearly 40 christian churches have been torched and looted, and supporters of the ousted president morsi, the muslim brotherhood, are vowing to fight back. we'll have a live report coming up from cairo in just a moment, but back here in washington, the critical question is, are u.s. taxpayers, in effect, footing the bill for the continuing violence? joining me now, two members of the senate armed services committee, democrat jack reed of rhode island and republican kelly ayotte of new hampshire. senators, welcome to you both. senator ayotte, straight to you. several weeks ago, this question came up -- should we keep the u.s. aid flowing to egypt? you said yes then. have you had a change of heart now? >> well, i think, david, in lig
a moment, but back here in washington, the critical question is, are u.s. taxpayers, in effect, footing the bill for the continuing violence? joining me now, two members of the senate armed services committee, democrat jack reed of rhode island and republican kelly ayotte of new hampshire. senators, welcome to you both. senator ayotte, straight to you. several weeks ago, this question came up -- should we keep the u.s. aid flowing to egypt? you said yes then. have you had a change of heart now? >> well, i think, david, in light of recent actions, we tried to give some time to the administration. they obviously tried to get the military government to not crack down in a violent way, to restore democracy, to move to elections, to release political prisoners. they have ignored all of those requests. and now with the recent violent crackdown, i do not see how we can continue aid. i believe it must be suspended because, unfortunately, i think the military's gotten the impression, and particularly with what the president not asking for aid to be suspended when he spoke this week, that whateve
going on in what rand paul just said. he's using this washington speech to describe a conference committee, which is the basic premise of government when two chambers have two competing bills. you come together and pass a compromised piece of legislation. that's not happening in washington these days on anything, let alone a major matter of something where they have fundamental disagreement with senate democrats obviously favoring the president's health care law and house republicans voting against it now 39, 40 times to repeal it. so that's not going to happen. so what happens in the meantime is you bring it up to this sort of again at the brink of a shutdown and the president has been very careful to pick at republicans saying, hey, if that happens, you're the one who is are going to take the blame. he has some numbers to back them up. he's been talking about some of these different numbers and some of the polls and house republicans are taking the majority to blame for dysfunction in washington and we've had these crisis government moments over the last several years where the
. obvious transition here, perhaps. washington state and colorado legalized recreational marijuana use in their states last year. but putting the laws into practice has been anything but smooth sailing. with pot still illegal on a federal level, there are a number of hurdles, including how to regulate the marketplace. cnbc's jane wells with more on the challenges ahead. >> craig, welcome to the mile high city. this is legal medical cannabis. you still can't grow or sell recreational pot yet, but it's coming. in the meantime, no matter how you get your pot, if you got 'em, you can smoke 'em. either here in colorado or in washington state where these pictures were shot. if you're at least 21 years old, only have an ounce but you can't resell it. there's quite a few differences between the two laws. but it turns out nothing has been easy in enacting these new regulations. labeling, tracking, all of that has turned out to be a little more difficult. for example, in washington, they're deciding they're going to cap production so that too much pot isn't grown and it ends up being exported ou
in washington? plus political correctness gone made. transgender studentsous any bathroom they want. but what about the privacy of their peers? >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you, audience, thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, it looks as though the voters of new york have come to their senses on the possible election of anthony weener to be mayor. he lanquishing far back in the poes and set the record for highest unfavorable rating of any candidate polled in new york. a stuning 80 percent unfavorable. (applause) and only 11 percent so him favorably and they must be pornographiers or his immediate family or late night comedians or people who work for cell phone providers and just need his business. (applause) add to that embarrassing spectacle the case of former governor spitser. the merry governor spitser is a big spender on call dpirls, so it is hard to see why new yorkers would trust him with their money. despite the entertainment value of these and other politicians finding it impossible to lea
this is "face the nation." captioning sponsored by cbs from cbs news in washington, "face the nation" with bob schieffer. >> schieffer: good morning again. well, the situation in egypt is no better today. since the military crackdown on pro morsi forces began on wednesday, more than 800 have been killed, at least a thousand people are wounded, there is noend in sight. we're going to begin this morning with cbs news correspondent charlie d'agata who is in cairo. charlie, bring us up to date. what's the latest? >> bob, we're expecting more demonstrations today and they're bracing for it here. we're seeing two worlds emerging. it's like two different versions. the story you're seeing there in the outside world and what you're seeing here in egypt and egyptian television. we've just come back from the foreign ministry and we were handed these photos that show muslim brotherhood members and supporters using live ammunition against security forces. and it reads under the banner "egypt fights terrorism." and what they're trying to suggest is that we're getting it wrong, that this is security forces t
not a political dispute but more interesting, the ambassador to washington came out with that statement that the egyptian government was trying or at least going to review the u.s. aid and that certainly caught a lot of people here by surprise. in recent days the egyptian government has been trying to assert more of its sovereignty. it's one of the things it's criticized for, over the years it was seen that it was somewhat of a lap dog on the u.s. government's hand because the former regime of hosni mubarak was so closely allied to washington. this government is trying to distance itself from any type of foreign interference particularly those critical of its actions. when it comes to those governments that have been very close or supporting the government's crackdown they have been welcoming them and that's caught some people here by surprise. another point that caught people here off guard was the reference to the fact hat the united states and the taliban have both expressed reservations in terms of what is happening here on the ground and that was a point that the foreign minister a
bought and sold in washington. i'm sorry, what are you saying? >> ok. >> the democracy is bought and sold in washington. this is not the idea of democracy that brought me to the united states. i came from another country where there was a dictatorship, i was expecting ideal democracy where one person and one vote was -- host: where are you from originally? >> cameroon. >> my daughter was snatched from the street not because she was doing anything wrong simply because she stopped ask directions from a cop that doesn't understand french and she doesn't understand english, and because of that she has been in a mental substitution for eight years. i've done my best, everything i could to get out and she can't get out. from france where she came from and now she can't go back to france. the immigration will not deport her to anywhere. so i don't know what else anybody can do in this country to have the right justice, t take you can't jus anybody from the streets or your house. host: angie from scombrooksville, florida. -- from jacksonville, florida. good morning, you're from our independent l
washington post" reports a review was committed before the deputy mayor ordered police to investigate. a criminal investigation is underway. union officials are outraged by the suggestion of sabotage. >> firefighters out west continue to battle wildfires across two states this morning. high winds are making it difficult for crews to maintain control of the flames in utah and idaho. here's the latest. >> the fire in utah is at park city, the area that hosted many events of the 2002 winter olympics. it's destroyed 40 homes, catching lots of residents unaware and giving them just minutes to grab possessions to flee the flames. with firefighters working in heat and pushing 100 degrees, they're being stretched. >> evacuations are cumbersome and complex. we're strapped, trying to get as many resources as we can to come down here and help us but a lot of other places have the same problem we do. >> meanwhile, the beaver creek fire in sun valley, idaho has stretched to 100 square miles, a lot of affluent homes in the area. officials are saying some private insurance have sent in their own cre
to the german p.o.w.s. this summer will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the march on washington. we generally think of the 1960s as the beginning of the civil rights movement. however the changes that came about in the 1960s may not have happened without the efforts of some determined african-american women in the 1940s. another march on washington was planned in 1941. it was led by a. philip randolph with the help of two women named lilo lane and pauline maier's. philip randolph called for african-americans to come to the nation's capital on july 1 to draw attention to discrimination in hiring practices send in the military. the march never took place because president roosevelt signed executive order 8802 which bans discrimination in the employment of workers in defense industries and government. the march on washington movement was established then to continue to fight for equality for african-americans. and it was organized largely by three women lately lain pauline maier's and a woman named apple king. they developed a slogan for the movement. nonviolence, goodwill, direct acti
and attacks on the system. the "washington post," for example, ran an article recently trying to make the case using former president george w. bush and his recent heart procedure as an example. if mr. bush visited a general internist with -- he would not have had cardiac testing. what value does a stress test had for an otherwise healthy 66-year-old? no study showed it improvesout comes. the initial unnecessary streeng tests are usually paid for by medicare, further stressing our health care system. dr. mark siegel took issue with that account in an opinion piece in usa today. he's commending the efforts of the former president's doctors. dr. siegel, a member of our fox news medical aid team and professor of medicine at new york university medical center. you didn't sympathy much of that article, did you? >> physicians should not be speculating wildly about facts they have, let alone media experts. doctors doing that, oncologists saying he should have a colonoscopy not a stress test. i got information from the bush camp to counter this. number one, he was having symptoms. one-third of all hea
be done to stop the abuse of pour in washington? plus political correctness gone made. transgender studentsous any bathroom they want. but what about the privacy of their peers? >> ladies and gentlemen, governor mike huckabee. (applause) >> thank you, audience, thank you very much. and welcome to huckabee from the fox news studios in new york city. well, it looks as though the voters of new york have come to their senses on the possible election of anthony weener to be mayor. he lanquishing far back in the poes and set the record for highest unfavorable rating of any candidate polled in new york. a stuning 80 percent unfavorable. (applause) and only 11 percent so him favorably and they must be pornographiers or his immediate family or late night comedians or people who work for cell phone providers and just need his business. (applause) add to that embarrassing spectacle the case of former governor spitser. the merry governor spitser is a big spender on call dpirls, so it is hard to see why new yorkers would trust him with their money. despite the entertainment value of these and o
, reflect, consult, consider, have a sandwich, and in fullness of time as light was fading in washington, she would give birth to a first class story, you know. one that not only clearly explained the complicated, sometimed overlapping opinions, but also put them in context, spelled out the possible consequences of various strains in the decision. and it was a thing of beauty and it would arrive on your doorstep something like 24 hours after anything had happened and that was fine, that was the way the world worked. the nostalgia i have for those days cannot be overstated. and we would also routinely publish very extended, like full page of excerpts. why? because that was the only way you could see a part of the decision. many years ago our associate in new york city law firm, weeks would pass before i would get on a list of 15 lawyers finally get to see the actual decision and read an actual supreme court decision. so, all of this is gone. we now live in an era of speed. i think what i noticed this last term is that it's bleeding into the medium level cases. i understand what when the h
they are talking about removing aid from egypt and cutting off a billion and a half dollars in aid washington gives this country. i think most people in this country find it to be not only insulting but something that will encourage more of an insurgency like the conservancy we're seeing now. >> thank you for joining us from cairo egypt. i want to bring in my panel. joining me director of freedom house's office in cairo. vice president, editorial at large and co-founder of global post. dr. isabel coleman, senior fellow on council on foreign real estates and a senior fellow at the century foundation. thank you for being here. michael, i want to start with you, to take a step back for a mom, can you walk viewers through muslim brotherhood, who they are and sort of where they came from in terms of this development. this is an old organization, nothing new. >> around for 80 years, gone through varsitierations. at one point used violence as a political tool, they eventually renounced violence and slowly came to accept the idea of democracy at least in the form of electoral democracy and participating. t
in washington and time and time again how they have gone after obama care and how they have obstructed every jobs package on the table? are you willing to do that? governor, did you go down to washington and have lunch with the republicans and tell them, hey, you've got to knock off thighs filibusters, man. we've got to get something done. he knows nothing about governing. so that's hood wink number one. and then he said "i am in this business to win. i don't know why you are in it. i am in this to win." really? he's in this to win. i'm in this business to win. to win for who? the republicans? for you, governor? or for the people? because if you care about the people, you will stand up strong and say that your party is the party of obstruction and your party is the party of hate. and your party is the racist party. that's what it's going to take if you really want to govern, you have to tell the truth. you know, he's not in the business to help the middle class, i can guarantee you that. he's not in the business to help workers and teachers. no. chris christie is in this thing called politic
>> production assistance for "inside washington" is provided by albritton communications and "politico." reporting on the legislative, executive, and political arena. >> this week on "inside washington" -- the bloody crisis in egypt. >> our corporation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. >> getting tough on crime policies. >> need to make sure incarceration is meant to punish, deter, and rehabilitate, not to simply warehouse and forget. >> gearing up for 2016. >> get your act together, republicans. >> a salute to one of the greatest voice on the bus. very tough. mubarak, egyptian wanted change, they wanted jobs, food, freedom, but instead today they have chaos and military rule. hundreds are dead and dying as the military put down the hammer. president obama speaking at martha's vineyard where he is on vacation. >> this morning we notify the egyptian government we are cancelling our baena annual joint military exercise scheduled for next month. i have asked my national security team to assess the implic
of washington, d.c. prince george county. almost all white and now black -- >> bob is playing ce card? >> i can get away with it. i'm a liberal and you're not so you can't. >> what is your point? >> i started by saying this before i was interrupted -- >> what you have to say -- bob, you have to be honest about what happened there. black families moved in the suburbs. they moved to get better schools to have a better economic future to try to make it a dynamic you're trying to say is not the picture. we have allowed the iner city full of single headed household. >> if i could finish my sentence. blacks moved out. so did ethnic groups like the polish and others that moved out of their ghettos in the cities. seeking middle class. they were on edge economically on whether they were in a position to afford to move to the suburbs but they had to, because the school system was terrible. you can blame the war on poverty all you want. the reason that post officeerty went up in america -- >> i don't want the war on poverty. we should end the war on poverty. >> eric: hang in there. >> we should end the wa
to be honest, and you might hear a helicopter flying past me, i think washington's reaction has been to the september where cairo and the generals may have concluded washington believes its relationship is important strategical strategically, but they haven't decided to alter it after a week whereas many as 1,000 lost their lives. they need that relationship to keep israel secure in the region, as well. and what we've seen so far from washington is a cancellation of military exercise. that's frankly tokenistic in many ways. the european union expressing outrage saying we'll urgently review relations, asking all sides to refrain from violence. so western powers seemingly stepping forward to say we're very upset about this and we may consider changing our actions in the future, but really the violence and crackdown here which has so many aghast haven't significantly changed the character of western egyptian relations. >> thanks, nick. >>> it does not come more complicated than egypt. president obama summed it up in a single sentence. >>> while we want to sustain our relationship with e
talking with marc mauer and richard vigueire, thank you for your time. >> on the next "washington journal," discussion about the political unrest in egypt with jon alterman of the center for strategic and international studies. then taxpayers for common sense vice president stephen ellis talks about the national flood insurance program and how a new law is causing rates to rise. after that, we look at how social media might be used to help predict the outcome of u.s. house elections with indiana university professor five io -- fabio rohas. your calls, tweets, and e-mails along with calls beginning live at 7:00 a.m. eastern here on c- span. ," ours weeks "newsmakers guest is the ceo of heritage action for america. he talks about his organization's agenda and its position on issues pertaining to health care and immigration. here's a preview. [video clip] >> in this environment right now, it is very difficult to handle immigration the way we should be. which is bypassing piecemeal pieces of legislation, getting the border secure. we also have a gigantic imbalance between labor supply
washington exert any influence at all in cairo? u.s. ambassador john bolton, former ambassador to the united states, fox news contributor joins us about this time every sunday. good morning, ambassador. >> good morning, eric. glad to be with you. >> what do you predict could happen later today as if just reported the muslim brotherhood tries now to storm the supreme court? >> well, i think it's become clear in the past several days in particular, although i think it's been clear for a long time, that the muslim brotherhood is not a political party as we in the united states or the west more broadly understand that term. it's an armed militia. it's an armed ideology. and it's simply not going to accept as legitimate any egyptian government that it doesn't control. so i think the prospect for continued violence remains. i think it's just as much if not more the responsibility of the brotherhood as it is of the army. and i think it's important to understand that the army really has, i think, overwhelming support from the egyptian population. we're not yet in a civil war. hopefully that can be a
of the observance of the 50th anniversary of the march on washington which took place august 28th, 1963. i was there in the crowd, leading a delegation of over 50 students from my alma mater, morehouse college when i was a student there. martin luther king, jr., was my mentor and jail mate. he taught only one class in his lifetime, and that was at morehouse the semesters of 1961, '62, a seminar in social philosophy. when i sat at his feet, one thing that impressed me most about his lectures was one concept that was advanced by dr. black man at boston university, of personalism. that idea that all persons in this crusted earth are important, are endued with worth and dignity. and in a government of civil society, we should accord all peoples, those services and amenities that will enable them to develop as fully matured persons. unfortunately, friends, because of the dark past of this nation, not too often african americans have experienced receiving those services that should have been ours which are [speaker not understood] and afforded for all american citizens. i wish to say that it's g
experience that if we yet to this shutdown of the government, the grand canyon and the washington monument and everything that what happened when we shut down the government, the american people will react in a negative fashion and will blame congress. there are some of my colleagues in the congress that say we have to repeal obamacare if we're going to raise the debt limit. my friends, that does not work. i want to repeal obamacare. it happens to be the way i voted, but it is not the way it will happen. we do not have 67 votes in the united states senate, which was what would be required to override a presidential veto. and so, i think it is not a right approach. what i do want to continue this effort, to repeal parts of obamacare, which are very onerous and are very harmful in my view to healthcare in america. i do not know what is going to happen, but i believe we will not shut down the government. i believe it is time the american people are heard they want us to sit down together and avoid what is turning into every year or every two years that we threaten people like you. it contribu
. elizabeth live from washington with more. elizabeth, there is renewed talk now of legislation. what are some lawmakers proposing? >> well, lawmakers are discussing whether a failed former amendment would have fundamentally changed the way the agency could collect personal information and if it should be brought to the table again. this is a national security agency defended its tactics as americans learned this week it violated privacy rules on thousands of occasions while some were unintendsed, others showed breaches of stan ard procedures. house and senate argue if there needs to be more advance approval including court or congressional oversight. >> now we need to hold another classified hearing just for the committee so we can drill down into the issues of how the programs are being operated, what information is being gathered, under what circumstances have they prevented terrorist attacks, and how much does all of this cost? >> the white house reacting saying in part while the majority of the incidents were unintentional, the agency is monitoring and addressing compliance incidents. gre
, will washington follow it? for over a decade now, it has been documented that northern european countries do much better at moving poor people up the ladder than the united states. they pointing out that the united states cannot be compared with denmark, an ethnically homogeneous country of five million people. but in an essay published last week, canada is a very useful point of comparison for the united states because it is much like america. the percentage of foreign-born canadians, for example, is actually higher than americans. and recent research finds that people in canada and australia have twice the economic mobility of americans. what is intriguing is that many of the factors that seem to explain the variation across countries also explain the variation across the united states. the most important correlation in the harvard/berkeley study appears to be social capital. cities with strong families, civic support groups and a community service orientation do well on social and economic mobility. that's why salt lake city dominated by mormons has extremely high mobility rankings. this would
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with news from washington. peter? >> reporter: this morning, we heard senator rand paul layout a road map he thinks would represent the best of both worlds for republicans, a way to avoid a government shutdown and defund obama care. here is how it would work. first, the house would vote to repeal the affordable care act as they have dozens of times before. then the senate would likely vote to keep the law as is. a compromise could come from that stalemate between the chambers at a closed door house and senate conference meeting. >> use the leverage of controlling one-third of the government. we don't control all of the government, they control house of representatives, they should stand up, use that power to at the least make this lawless bad, delay it, do something we can to protect the american public from this law, or if we do nothing, we're saying to the president, hey, you get your way. >> reporter: but president obama sees things differently, used his weekly address to sharply criticize republicans that want to alter the affordable care act in any way. >> many are concerned with how ba
20-28. thank you for watching "state of the union." i'm candy crowley in washington. next week i'll have an exclusive interview with senator ted cruz from his home turf in texas. if you missed any part of today's show find us on itunes. just search state of the union. a special programming note. catch prince william in his first interview since the birth of baby george tomorrow on "new day." 'fareed zakaria" starts now. >>> this is "gps," the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the would recall. i'm fareed zakaria. we have a great show for you today. we will start with violence in egypt. bret stephens and peter beinart disagree as usual. >>> then, is america overregulated? does the government have altogether too much of a say in how we live our lives? i'll ask the man who put many of the obama administration's regulations in place, cass sunstein. >>> also underneath the violence, is the arab world the new start-up society? that's what an american venture capitalist believes. and while we're at innovation, is north korea going to beat apple
which seems to be mirrored by decision makers in washington that the washington/cairo relationship is too strategically important for the united states for something like this, grave as horrifying as it's been, to necessarily derail it. we've seen cursory cancellation of a military exercise and potential moves in the future, but no stark measure to suggest a fundamental change in the character of the relationship, candy. >> nick paton walsh, thank you. >> reporter: thank you, candy. >>> while we want to sustain our relationship with egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets. >> the president cancelled next month's joint military exercises with egypt, but did not cut off u.s. aid, not yet. his equation is this. however popular a military coup ousting an elected government followed by a deadly crackdown on protesters run counter for the values the u.s. espouses to the world. still, so much rides in the balance of what happens next. for decades, egypt has been an imperfect, undemocratic but critical u.s. ally in the midd
to small businesses. we will set up a shop. i will note that i worked in washington. i cease to not speak in acronyms. we speak in seventh grade or below or spanish or cantonese, and we speak clearly. the small business health options program is a new program for small businesses. the world is changing in a huge way for individuals. subsidies are large. for small business, right now small businesses are struggling with offering care. there are no penalties in place in the future of small business. we want them to continue to offer care, and they will be able to offer choice. they will say i have picked covered california. that my employee the whatever plans available to them. many of small businesses will be able to get a tax credit to lower their costs. we are not government insurance. we are not government doctors, hospitals, pharmacies. we are not death panels. we are not raising everyone's insurance costs. the discussions in washington and that being political footballs about pundits, etc., and what we are moving to in california is facts. talking about what the real benefits are, wha
news sunday." >> hello again from fox news in washington. more tough questions for the nsa after the "the washington post" reported this week that the agency violated privacy rules. thousands of times since 2008. an internal audit obtained from leaker edward snowden reveals that the nation's most secretive spy agency intercepted phone calls and emails of american citizens repeatedly during that time. and, in some cases did, not report the unauthorized surveillance. now some lawmakers are promising hearings. joining us with reaction is republican senator rand paul of kentucky, a member of the senate homeland security committee and author of government bullies, senator, welcome back to "fox news sunday." good to be with you this morning. >> good morning. >> john: it was just a little more than a week ago that the president insisted to the american people that there was appropriate oversight of the nsa surveillance program and that there was no talk of abuses. let's play what the president said. >> what happen you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these progra
from fox newsinf in washington. more tough questions for the nsa after the "washington post" reported this week thatth the agency violated privacy rules thousands of times since n 2008. an internal audit obtained from edward snowden revealshe the most secretive spy agency intercepted phone calls and e-mails from citizens repeatedly during that time. and in some cases did not report the unauthorizedance surveillance. and now somew lawmakers are promising hearings. joining us with reaction is m rand paul, a member of the homeland security committeeenat and author of "government bullies." good to be with you this morning. >> good morning. >> it was just a little more a w than a week ago the presidentri insisted to the american a people there was an appropriate oversight of thesu nsa surveillance program and there was no talk of abuses. let's play what the presidentppn said. >> what you are not reading about is the government actually abusing these programs and listening in oncall people's phone calls or inappropriately reading people's e-mails. ema what you are hearing about is the pros
, washington. >> susan, thank you. >>> now to egypt tonight where this evening after what was called the day of rage yesterday, the tense standoff centered on a cairo mosque. abc's muhammad lila reports again from cairo tonight on the crisis in egypt. >> reporter: the life and death standoff played out on live television. hundreds of protesters, including women, barricaded in a mosque. this afternoon, police made their move. an explosion at the entrance, then more gunfire. [ gunfire ] amid the chaos, no way of knowing who was shooting at who. who are all these people in the crowd? >> it was very hard to tell, it is a very chaotic situation. >> reporter: this egyptian american, was at the siege, filming this footage on his phone. >> egypt has been on a slow moving train wreck right now. now, it seems as if we're going into a high-speed collision. >> reporter: today, the egyptian government stood its ground, calling this a war against extremism. despite the bloody crackdown, the obama administration still views egypt as too important of an ally to give up. egypt allows u.s. aircraft to fly ove
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